About Us
Confident Children out of Conflict (CCC) is a South Sudanese NGO based in Juba. In December 2012 they moved their offices from Hai Malakal to Hai Mission in Juba. CCC supports the needs of orphans and street children since 2007. CCC has established a safe center where survivors of Gender Based Violence and girls at risk of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse; who come from the slums, Internally Displaced People’s camps, and streets are protected and reintegrated back into society by providing life skills, physical, social and psychosocial guidance.
In 2012 SIDA funded for the construction of 8 dormitories, which are more spacious, and each room accommodating not more than 8 girls in comparison to where 40 girls were sleeping in one room. This is a great improvement on the quality of life of the children and will enhance the spiritual and psychosocial healing of their minds. The construction of these dormitories was completed in February 2013. They equipped with a sickbay, at the end of the building next to the dormitory manager’s apartment; and at the rare end a self contained room for dormitory the assistant. The dormitory was officially opened on the 15th of March 2013 in a ceremony where the representatives of SIDA and IOM were present. The new facility has will not only provide accommodation and protection but also vocational training in housekeeping, catering and home work to enable the girls to gain and improve their basic vocational, literacy and numeracy skills.
Beginning of March every year, we launch fund raising campaigns to sponsor Orphans and Vulnerable Children to enroll, attend and follow them up to stay in class. In 2010, we sponsored 250, in 2011 they were 350, 2012, we increased to 450- 500 children. We are expecting to reach more 600 children in 2013. The funds we raise help pay for school fees, uniforms and school materials. They include socks, sanitary and hygiene supplies for girls, shoes, books, building fees, holiday class fees and examination fees for each child. We actively advocate justice for children, against abuse, neglect Juba and raise awareness in communities and schools on the rights of a child and build the capacity of Parent Teachers Associations and community leaders to recognize and protect vulnerable children in schools and community.

CCC is inspired by Christian compassion to take care of the needs of the most vulnerable children and their families in society, as in (Matthew 25:35-45) by commitment to community participation and development, and by passion to advocate for the rights of vulnerable children and youth, through partnerships.

Our vision is to create a Safe and Just Environment, which enables Orphans, Vulnerable Children and young adults, to emerge from conflict and give them the opportunity to develop confidence in their own capabilities to have a meaningful future and contribute to a peaceful South Sudan.

To achieve our mission CCC provides a safe space for girls (3-18 years) at high risk of abuse and exploitation; and access to basic education, vocational training skills for girls and youth 16-24 years. We build capacity of community leaders, Parent Teachers Associations (PTA) to identify vulnerable and children at risk of abuses, raise awareness; so that they respond with affirmative action to protect children. We conduct research and create awareness through lobbying and advocacy. We collaborate at local and national levels with stakeholders on child rights issues to complement each other. And we cooperate with strategic, implementing and donating partners to share responsibilities and prevent duplication of activities.
Our Story
The CCC Confident Children out of Conflict (CCC) girls were discovered in slums, cemetery, streets and markets of Juba. They were living in broken shacks or ‘rakuba’s, made out of salvaged materials from the trash dump. Some of them were found or deep in the heart of Konyokonyo market, where local alcohol is made from scraps of food. This home brew is sold as early as breakfast to people who think age doesn’t matter when it comes to fulfilling their sexual needs. Some of these girls’ parents have died, lost contact but some encourage their children to sell themselves for money.

How it started in 2007
Cathy Groenendijk together with other South Sudanese founded Confident Children out of Conflict (CCC) in October 2007 to respond to the overwhelming and increasing needs of these Orphans and Vulnerable Children of Juba. She learned that the girls were being repeatedly sexually abused as they wandered in the streets to work or look for food to support their parents. She started by allowing 3, then 10 and 25 girls to come daily to her home to bath, change clothes and eat one meal a day. Her home became a drop in center. However, later on the number increased to 30 and the number could not be accommodated in the small space. Need for a bigger place was apparent and now the current center caters 40 girls at any given time, ranging from 3-17 years of age. They are now able to wash themselves and their clothes; they eat breakfast and 3 meals a day and have access to counseling by social workers. Most importantly, the program provides protection (a child friendly space) from sexual predators and allows the girls to attend school and be children.
However, CCC also identified boys but it was practically difficult to include the boys in the shelter program. We lobby and advocate for other partners to get involved in taking care of boys in a similar way.

In addition to the community program, CCC reaches out to girls under the age of 18 who are engaged in prostitution. In January 2009, five street girls between the ages of 12 and 14 never returned to the drop-in center during the long school holidays. They had moved into the brothels and were working there as prostitutes. CCC was able to collaborate with Michelle of Iris Mission in Yei who accepted to take in the children who urgently needed shelter and protection as they embarked on a project to find accommodation for these girls. Of particular concern are the trafficking, sexual exploitation and abuse of underage girls and sex workers 10-15 years of age.

CCC wants to provide these young girls with a childhood, free from abuse and exploitation, and provide a safe haven and gateway to a life of dignity and purpose.

See Programs for the actual situation
Our beneficiaries and target group can be divided in 3 main groups of beneficiaries:
1. Age 0-5 boys and girls care and pre-school activities
2. Age 6-17 boys and girls care (for girls only), basic education (primary and secondary school)
3. Age 15-25 girls vocational training (livelihoods)

The first groups of beneficiaries (age 0-5) are children needing early intervention. There may be some special cases of one and two years old children but we focus on three-five years old children. Currently there are 5 in this age range; in 2012 we plan on having 10 and 20 in 2016. CCC looks for foster parents where possible for children below 5 years. We managed to recommend and successfully place 6 infants into foster care. However, the foster families and individuals do not accept every child. Local foster families tend to want girls who are health and the younger the child the better than boys.
The second group (age 6-17 years) can be supported in the Child Friendly Center in which at the moment 25 girls are taken care of. We plan to have 30 in 2013 and 60 in 2016. For primary and secondary education there are now 600 boys and girls for whom CCC pays school fees. We expect this number to increase by 2016. The third group (age 15-25 years) has an overlap with the second group. In this group livelihood training is essential. In 2012 we supported 80 and in 2013, 50 female young persons in our vocational training program. CCC will endeavor to mobilize resources train 50 girls every year in vocational skill.

The second layer of our target group consists of parents (those who we know and are alive), community leaders and teachers. Currently we train 20 teachers at 7 different schools; we plan to train 30 in 7 schools in 2013 and 50 teachers at a maximum of 10 schools in 2016.
Currently we are training 6 communities, with plans for 10 in 2013 and in 2016 the same.

6 Objectives have been formulated, of which the first three C's concern our beneficiaries, the real target group and their families, parents, communities and teachers. The last three C's are to support the first three objectives:

1. Care and psycho-social support, enhancing confidence of OVC's and young adults
2. Capabilities of the children through access to basic education and training
3. Capacity Building of communities and schools
4. Conduct Research on child rights
5. Create Awareness through lobbying & advocacy
6. Collaborate & Cooperate with stakeholders and partners

Each Objective is executed by Activities trough out a year. Use these two links and you will find the Activities 2011, 2012 and the activities 2013.

When Cathy Groenendijk founded CCC in 2007, she was the main power driving the daily activities of the organization. Throughout the years, Cathy, the Executive Director, was blessed to have highly committed volunteers around her to execute the daily activities of CCC.

As the needs of OVCs in Juba increased, CCC has undergone a transitional phase of growth and professionalization of its organization.
At the end of 2011 there was not enough money to invest in qualified and paid personnel. In 2012 luckily enough, although funds are limited with small volunteer allowances, crucial management positions now are well occupied for 2013. Together with, again voluntary, external consultancy support, there is enough involvement to give a boost to the organization and its professional standards. Moreover CCC managed to recruit several South Sudanese staff that, either voluntarily or with a small allowance to execute activities directly with the OVCs or in communities.

Part of the strategy for 2013 is to continue professionalizing the organizational structure as well as building the capacity of local staff to take up an increasing the amount of (management) responsibility.
In November 2011 management meetings were held to focus on the near future, as one of the results an Annual Plan was born and will be completed in January 2012. Some decisions were made about responsibilities and organizational structure.

The Executive Director (Ex Dir) will delegate many of her responsibilities to enable her to focus to important issues as governance structure, strategy, networking, lobbying and advocacy. Apart from that, there will be 3 most important programs.
Child Friendly Center was officially opened in September 2011 and it has access to safe water and security. A team of 8 staffs who include volunteers manages the Child Friendly Center Manager. We were blessed at the end of February 2013 with the arrival of Miemie and her husband David who are the dormitory parents or manager. They will supervise the girls in the evenings and at night. The new dormitory is a special place where the girls will learn to live normally.
The position of the Psychosocial Program Coordination (PPC) has been filled. The She will handle content i.e. policy on psychosocial support, training and capacity building and 'supervision' and Manager of Community Mobilizers, GBV Officer, Child Protection Officer and Education Officer.
The education program will need special attention. Currently Mashair heads the Early Childhood Development program. By 2014 CCC hopes to have a specialist who will develop the comprehensive child education program.
The Executive Director will fill in the PR and be supported by the PDM on Grants. The Executive Director will be responsible for all external relations including communications and fundraising. Teamwork and exploiting each other’s strengths will be important in 2013.
Each Department will produce a detailed Department Plan (DP) in Q1/2013; in 2013 a new planning procedure will be introduced to ensure that the DP will be ready in Q4/2013 to be integral part of the Annual Plan 2014.

A new accounting system from 1st of January 2013 was established to ensure consistent transparent reporting. Also the Human Resources Management and Communication department, external and internal, will get more emphasis.


Cathy Groenendijk Executive Director
E-mail: cathy.groenendijk@gmail.com
Phone: +249 955 065 445

Haley Sands Contact in America
E-mail: sands.haley@gmail.com
Phone: +249 903 829 318

Miemie Spies Dormitory Manager
Email: confident.children@gmail.com

Nina Skarpsno Heide Coordinating volunteers in Juba
E-mail: ninasheide@gmail.com

UNICEF, Rotary Club of South Sudan, Rotary International, ILO, ISRaAID, South Sudan Red Cross, CCC Holland, UN Humanitarian Work Plan, ZOA South Sudan, Operation Blessings, WFP, Usuratuna, OVCI La Nostra Famiglia, UNICEF/GIZ, JICA private donations, Norwegian Canadian, Japanese and Bangladeshi UNMISS Battalions, private donations and others.

Ministry of Gender and Social Welfare, Iris Ministries Sudan, Child Protection Cluster Partners, SIDA/IOM, Seven Primary Schools and their PTAs, GBV working groups, Operation Blessings, Kid’s Tennis South Sudan, French Embassy, South Sudan Red Cross (SSRC) SAVOT, JICA and others.
Visiting hours at the Girl's center
If you are traveling to Juba and would like to donate in kind for the children at the center, or want to pay a visit to arrange for something: Get in contact with Miemie or Cathy on confident.children@gmail.com so that they are aware that you are coming.
Monday to Friday 10.00 am -1.00 pm
Saturday; 12.00 noon to 5.00 pm (activities)
Sundays 10.00 am -5.00 pm (activities, serving food, cleaning the compound, gardening, telling stories, reading books, singing)
If you live abroad you can best contribute by giving money through pay pal and specify what you are donating for.

We are so grateful to you, our supporters and families all over the world with your help for spreading the word about CCC, we will reach more and more people with different skills, ideas and support who contribute and help in your own special way. As our CCC family and stories grow, so will the help for these vulnerable children.

We welcome all donations, if you are not living in Juba, but intend to travel there soon; we prefer a donation in form of money. You can do it through pay pal on confident children link on Facebook or via the account.
When you live in Juba:
We are always thrilled to receive donations from people living in Juba. Used or new clothes from your children while traveling to Juba, shoes for children 5-18 years.
You can buy food, in form of sugar, rice, wheat-, maize- flour, eggs, chicken, goat, beef, beans, peas, tea, salt macaroni, spaghetti, cassava, vegetables and fruits.

Current Financial Needs for Children and Staffs
Direct sponsorship for 600 children and 15 Staffs
To enroll a child for basic education $40 per month for a year will cover all school requirements
$400 per year per child
$4,000 per covers the fees of 10 children a year
Staff; Of course our committed staffs are the ones who make it all happen.
We need 300 people to sponsor staff 10 staffs for $40 per month
We are aiming to reach 100 communities/groups around the world each sponsoring at least 10 children
For more information or questions current needs for the children please email us on confident.children@gmail.com

International Account
Account number 114344671
Account Name Stichting CCC Nederland
Swift code IBAN NL19 RABO 0114 3446 71
Town Woerden
PayPal Click to donate

Local Account in USD
ACCOUNT NR 013 440 130 151
P.O BOX 48400-00100, MOI AVENUE,

Postal Address
Stchting Confident Children out of Conflict Netherlands
CCC Netherlands
Botter 4,
3448 KA, Woerden
The Netherlands
Email: info.nl@confidentchildren.org
If you have passion and have a desire to serve children, CCC gives you an opportunity to use your gifts and talents for both long and short-term volunteers.
Condition for volunteers;
All volunteers must sign a code of conduct to work with children. Those working directly and living with children will need a recommendation of good conduct stating that they have never committed a crime against children.
The volunteer is responsible for all her/his personal costs
The potential volunteer mobilizes his/her own funding. You can set up a support group who pledge to sponsor your living cost for example, you need pledges from 43 people donating $50 a month.
CCC will organize for accommodation in Juba.
You will need to sign a contract of commitment for a specific period.
Short term less than 6 months;
One month requires $3080
Six months requires $13,480
Twelve months requires: $25,680
See the break down
(Breakfast, supper laundry, security, internet) will cost
$1500, + $500 per month for any other personal business
Travel from Amsterdam via Cairo to Juba $ 1,000 inclusive one night in a hotel in Cairo. These costs vary according to the height of the season.,
You will need $15 x 2 = $30 for visa in Cairo, if you depart is from the Netherlands.
A single one-month entry visa for Juba is $50, if you stay for longer than one month you will need to renew your visa for 6 months amounting to $200.
Total amount for one month visas $ 30+$50=$80
Total amount for extending visa to 2-6months $80+200=$280
Total amount for extending visa in Juba 2 x 6months is $480
Scenario 1
1 month and less travel and stay in Juba will cost you $80+$1,000+$1,500+$500=$3,080
Scenario 2
6 months stay in Juba will cost you $9,000 accommodation+ $3,000 personal effects + $480 for visa +$1,000 return ticket = $13,480
Scenario 3
12 months travel and stay in Juba
Accommodation $18,000+$ 6,000 personal effects+ $1,000 Egypt Air Ticket+ visa $680=$25,680 per person. That will say, you need 43 people to support you $50 a month.

Volunteers who have passion and commitment to work with CCC are welcome to work in the following ways:
  • Working directly with the children,
    • Mentoring, counseling, praying with children and making child maps
    • Supporting children to do school homework,
    • Creative activities teaching music, songs, dance crafts, playing,
    • Supervise house work (cleaning, cooking etc.) based in Juba and must be regular
    • Crafts (art, crochet, sewing, knitting)
    • Hygiene (cutting nails, repairing their clothes)
  • Working to support the Director in
    • Writing reports and proposals
    • Responding to mails and corresponding with potential volunteers
    • Recommending suitable people who would work with CCC
    • Profiling children and to prepare them for sponsorship
  • Supporting on line
    • Updating the website regularly,
    • Designing of staff IDs, brochures and producing news letters
  • Fundraising for child sponsorship
    You mobilize churches, communities and groups for sponsoring to sponsor staff or children each month. Every amount is very welcome.
Office Address and girls’ center
In December 2013 CCC moved its offices from Hai Malakal to Hai Mission where the girls’ center is located. It is (Along the road from Bedouin to Juba stadium, opposite the cattle Market, turn westwards off the tarmac road between the new hotel under construction and CMS Basic School) You will see the compound in a green metal fence on your left.
Juba, South Sudan View Map

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2012 school enrolment news
In 2012 we targeted 500 Street, Orphans and Vulnerable Children for sponsoring.
In 2012 CCC mobilized 500 children from the slums, cemetery, markets and street of Juba. They enrolled 495 into 9 schools. 57.2 of them were girls and 40.8% boys.

Girls, performance in 2012
We archived our goal of ensuring that at least 50% of the children sponsored should be girls. 90% of the girls completed school. Of the girls who completed, 81% of them were promoted to the next class,

Reasons for not performing
9% of them were not promoted and, 9.2 % dropped out due to forced marriage, went to work to support the mother or got pregnant and poor accommodation or lack of it during the rain season. Children who got sick did not attend classes regularly and those who were too poor to afford a meal, were hungry and did not concentrate in class.

Boy’s performance. 2012
42.8% of all the children enrolled were boys, 94.3% of the boys completed school 84.5% were promoted to the next class. 10.3% did were not promoted and 5.6% of them were drop-outs.

The children went to 6 primary and 3 secondary Schools. They included; Church Missionary School, Gudele West, Mayo Girls, St. Juvelline, St Therese, Gudele East, Malekia, Munuki east Supiri Secondary School, Juba Diocesan Model Secondary school, Juba girls Secondary School.

Follow up Training of PTA = Parental Teachers Association
We were able to achieve our goals because the community mobilizers followed up the children in the streets, markets, slums and places of work on daily basis to ensure they attended classes. The education officer trained the parents and teachers association about street orphans and vulnerable children way of learning including child rights and protection. These also reduced the number of children who would normally drop out.

Provision of School requirements
You donated $ 77,935 and CCC used it for paying paid the school fees, building fund, provided the scholastic materials (books, pens, uniform, shoes, and socks). School fees sponsorship was the greatest contribution to keeping children in school. Thank you so much for your commitment to reduce poverty among children. Sending them to school, you have set them free from the chains of poverty on the road to freedom. Leave no child behind they are all precious in His sight.

Donors USD
Local in Juba football fundraiser 1.000
Rotary Clubs 2.000
Charlie Gold Smith 3.000
South Sudan Red Cross 8,000
Rotary Clubs +RCJ 3.642
Private donation in Cash to CCC office 19.914
Charlie Gold Smith 3.000
Private donations through NL, Pay pal 37.379
Total amount donated for School fees 77.935

  1. Working with street and vulnerable children requires committed staff. We had a high local staff turnover. One of our best community mobilizers had to leave the program and it was difficult to replace him.
  2. Not all children who were identified were supported because of the limited
  3. Children who had no accommodation were to live.
  4. We were not able to cover all the needs of the children.

In 2012 newsletters will be made every Quarter and a Dutch translation of the website with extra specific information about CCC The Netherlands, a Foundation established to raise funds for CCC South Sudan.

News about the dormitory: A new dormitory has been opened in april 2013. In every bedroom 8 children sleep of the same age. The children are responsible for the room and the bathroom and toilet. It is a good change for the children to develop.

Staff: In April 2013 The staff is organized with:
Cathy Groenendijk, she is the Executive Director
Jaba which means grandfather is the guard who keeps an eye on the children for their safety at night.

Mary Dixon, and Rhoda Dimiti support Miemie and David to supervise the girls every night, keeping them quiet, getting them to sleep and to get up dress and go to school in the morning.
Grace Adiye ensures that the children have eaten, clean and staying in a clean environment Jane Juan, counsels and keeps an eye on the little ones 0-5years during the day and the older kids when they are back from school.
Edison is responsible for mobilizing teachers and parents for training. He ensures that school fees are paid and that all children and logistics in the organization are coordinated
Andrew Wafunika, is the finance officer
Kizito Kuku is a finance assistant and ensures that girls go to school on time.
Helen Sadiya is the on Job Supervisor negotiating for on job training space and employment for the girls training in catering and laundry.
Joyce and Martha are social workers who mobilize communities and follow up children from slums to ensure they stay in school when fees have been paid. They identify the most destitute families for referral and those who receive food parcels per month. They report on cases where a mother dies or abandons children in the slums. Although CCC targets 3-18years old children, there are times when it is inevitable to take in a dying or abandoned child.
Sepi: Supports homework, singing, music, dance and drama.
Miemie and David are the dormitory parents
Nina mobilizes volunteer to engage in supporting the learning of the girls at the safe space center
Rhoda Dimiti is supports IT and she also supervises the dormitory at the rear end at nigh.
Sien is the Psychosocial Programs Coordinator,
Ilse and Dick are volunteers from the Netherlands, see below. They served the children in February –May 2013

Miemie and David Dewet, the new dormitory parents: End of February this young couple arrived from South Africa to become dormitory parents for the girls. David and Miemie Spies are highly motivate and with passion to serve children. Their apartment is situated at the end of the dormitories and they are responsible for the kids at night assisted by Mary Dixon and Rhoda Dimiti.

Ilse and Dick are volunteers from the Netherlands who arrived at CCC in February and March 2013 respectively
They are both amazing young people, Ilse taught kids how to read and write, treated the wounds, fevers and organized drugs cupboards, the routine duties of the girls like a computer in a simple structured manner. Since the arrival of Ilse although she says very little, the girls clean their toilets regularly and the compound, toilets, and are now clean. Sadly Ilse will left on 12th of April back to Holland with her family.

Dick is a young electrician full of energy and good idea. He maintained the generator solar power and water system. When the girls loose their tempers he is always ready to separate the fighting parties. Luckily enough Dick will stay till the end of May. Visitors April 2013
Ilse’s parents Bart and Gina, her boyfriend Sander, travelled to Juba two months later to visit their daughter. They got so involved in cleaning up the construction mess on the compound and now the compound looks so clean and beautiful.
Klazina, the chairperson of CCC Netherland came along with Ilse’s parents to see the progress of activities of CCC on the ground. She also came to support Cathy in the work she is doing. Klazina brought along a magic trampoline. The girls love it but also the adults.

The rugby fundraiser in March 2012: It was organized by CCC supporters in Juba spectators paid an entry fee and paid for drinks donated by a beverage company. They collected 10,000 SSP for school fees.

Thank you so much for supporting us. Every coin counts and it goes a long way.

For more updates follow us on Twitter and FaceBook


Follow us on twitter @cccjuba

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