Accommodation and Protection

  • 50 are supported to have education in boarding schools in Uganda have residential and they have a holiday home with residential care

  • Iris Ministries, a partner organisation in Yei, has cared for 25 children since the conflict broke out

  • We reunify children with their families where it is in the best interest of the child to do so

  • We also maintain familial relationships and involve families in the decision-making about care for their children

  • We provide extracurricular and recreational activities, and have many volunteers who come to do reading, homework, sports, arts & crafts, choir & much more

  • The children make souk souks (handicrafts) which we sell on their behalf at fundraisers

  • We have a child friendly space (CFS) out in the community for vulnerable children too.

Education and vocational skills

  • 50 are supported to have education in boarding schools in Uganda

  • 5 primary and 6 secondary boarding schools were identified where children are enrolled to attend school

  • Children are assisted do school homework, and revision during holidays to keep up in class.

  • 2 out of 4 children who completed secondary at the end of 2018 have joined a vocational skills training collage, and the two others are preparing to join Universities

  • The children participate in cooking, cleaning and organising the hostel where they stay during holidays. They participate in making the programs

  • We also provide these children with school materials and uniforms

  • We also provide extra tutorials for children who require it during holidays

  • Information Education & Communication there is need to talk to the children changes in their bodies, relating to the environment and their future

  • Identification of Talent; children have different talents which we identify need to be develops in Art, Crafts, Music and Dance.

  • We fundraise all the time to find organisations and individuals to sponsor for the tuition, accommodation and fees for scholastic materials for 50 children

  • Mentoring students


We actively advocate for justice for refugee, women, children against abuse, neglect, exploitation and gender-based and sexual violence. We do community awareness-raising activities on children’s rights, in particular focusing on girls’ rights to protection and education, as well as helping to build the capacity of the Parent Teachers Associations and Community Leaders to recognise protection issues within their communities.

In the individual cases of abuse, we support children by liaising with local organisations and government agencies to try and ensure that crimes are prosecuted and charges are brought against children, continually advocating. CCC is active in the Child Protection sub-cluster working group meetings and we coordinate closely with the Ministries, the United Nations (UN) and civil society.


  • All the children have either suffered from chicken pox or exposed to it. They were vaccinated agains Hepatitis B and yellow fever.

  • We facilitate 4 children children who need specialised and plastic surgery to access the those health services. Where it is not possible in country, we draw the attention of well wishers to support these children even abroad.

  • Children who are sick are taken to a clinic for examination, and after prescription is given we manage them from home following the doctors instructions. All children are taken for checkups before the return to school every term. And when a child falls sick at school we are contacted to pick them and take the for treatment.

  • We support one child with physical disabilities and mental health issues to receive the best health care and access education.

Psychosocial Support

  • In schools the community we provide psychological first aid for children

  • We run psychological first aid sessions at our women’s groups

  • We have an in-house psychologist carrying out assessment and providing support to the children at the centre


  • We have a demonstration Kitchen Garden project during holidays the girls participate in terns to keep the plants and flowers.

  • We also provide vocational skills training for youths such as catering and housekeeping

  • We identified vocational training collages where children who are assessed and are ready can join after completing secondary school.

  • We support local women and children to make Souk Souks (handicrafts) to sell at the markets including beaded jewellery and crocheted items


  • We identify cases of GBV and refer them to the relevant authorities and provide protection at the centre if required

  • We distribute ‘dignity kits’ for girls and GBV-prevention items such as solar lamps (making dark trips to the latrines / toilets, safer)

  • We distribute household items such as pots and pans, blankets and bedsheets, and toiletries, to vulnerable households so that families are better able to support children at risk of GBV

  • We run youth and women’s groups to discuss GBV, and create protection committees involving men to create a safe environment for children, their families, and communities



We ensure all the children at CCC go to school regularly, as well as providing extra-curricular activities at the centre.