There was a need for a structured support system for these vulnerable children; a safe place for them to be, off the streets, and somewhere they could call home.

Our Vision:

To provide vulnerable children with a safe space to sleep, eat, learn and play in order that they can develop into young adults, fulfilling their potential, and to support households to develop a protective environment for safe reintegration of these children into their communities.

Cathy Groenendijk has been the driving force behind CCC, delivering services, support and safety to children of South Sudan (formerly Sudan) from 2007 when the organisation was founded. With a team of highly committed South Sudanese volunteers and staff, Cathy is able to continue providing a safe space for children affected by protracted crises in the country, including the most recent conflict, which broke out in 2013.

With the support of South Sudanese volunteers, Cathy began providing support to some of these children. As she provided food, the facilities for them to wash, and clean clothes for them to wear, she learned about the violence and abuse many of these girls had been exposed to. Her home became a drop-in centre for up to 30 girls at a time. Very quickly it became apparent there was a need for a structured support system for these vulnerable children; a safe place for them to be, off the streets, and somewhere they could call home.

In 2011, with further support Cathy was able to accommodate the children in a new facility in Juba. The current care centre can accommodate up to 40 children at any one time. There are currently around 30 girls and boys aged between 2 - 17 based at the centre, just under 20 based with our partner organisation, Iris, in Yei and 5 children supported to go to school in neighbouring countries. The total number of children supported is ever-changing depending on referrals, drop-ins and returnees to the centre. There are currently 4 ‘Aunties’ who provide practical support for the children and the upkeep of the centre, with a number of other staff and volunteers supporting throughout the year.

The majority of children cared for at CCC are girls. Girls are disproportionately affected by poverty and are considered particularly vulnerable in the context of conflict, especially with regards to gender-based violence. This is apparent through the number of girls CCC accommodates. Due to the size and layout of the CCC centre, it is becoming increasingly difficult to provide care for the boys alongside the girls. In future, we will provide separate accommodation for vulnerable boys. We will continue to communicate with other organisations that are able to support vulnerable boys in South Sudan until we are able to do soon a larger scale.

Starting out, CCC was an independent, organic organisation led by Cathy. Since 2007, CCC has begun to increase it’s volunteer base and programme activities through institutional donor funding, currently including UNICEF, European Union (EU), and the Common Humanitarian Fund (CHF) as well as Cordaid and the Canadian and Australian Embassies CCC has consistent and regular supporters in South Sudan as well as across the globe, including hundreds of public donors as well as private donations from supporter companies. Moving forwards, CCC will continue fundraising by increasing awareness internationally about the project. We intend to grow further by inviting skilled volunteers to provide support at the centre and remotely, as well as building capacity of local staff.

Today, CCC has 8 dormitories, 2 classrooms-come-playrooms, a dining room, washrooms and office space, accommodating approximately 40 children at any one time. Have a look at ‘our activitiesto see what we do for the children of South Sudan.

Current  donors

European Union (EU), Common Humanitarian Fund (CHF), UNICEF, Cordaid, Canadian Embassy, Australian Embassy.


previous / closed grants

2008 ICCO / CADEP – organisational capacity building of CCC

2008 Containers of Hope (UK) donated shipping container with goods to CCC – like the children’s furniture (shipping costs alone 10,000 GBP)

2008 / 2009 UNICEF two small grants – psychosocial support (sports etc.)

2009 / 2010 Red een Kind (Help a Child Africa) – Netherlands

2010 SRF (Sudan Recovery Fund) / BRAC – building first phase of centre

2010 / 2011 two small grants from CIDA / CFLI – Canada Embassy

2011 Joint Donor Office – donated steel fences to CCC terrain (worth over 50,000 $)

2011 PSI – donation / distribution in slums of 2000 bednets (mosquitonets)

2011 Operation Blessings – borehole, watertanks etc. (worth about 20,000 USD)

2012 Wilde Ganzen – Holland (interchurch fundraising); donated 9,700 Euro – kitchen and other furnishing of training hall.

2012 ILO small grant – child labour awareness

2012 / 2013 SIDA (Swedish Aid) through IOM as Fund Manager; construction dormitory

2012 / 2013 JICA / SAVOT livelihoods skills training

2012 ASOP (Australian Sports programme) – Kids’ Tennis support activities

2013 French Embassy 2 small grants – research grant on child labour, and pilot grant for income generating (I think CCC used it for the Suk Suk activity)

2014 Australian Embassy – solar lights of compound Current grants

2014 / 2015 EU (Human Rights & Democracy Fund) March 2013 / 2015 UNICEF – basic centre operations

2014 CHF (I think on last NCE now)

2015 CHF – not yet operational I think, but contract all signed and ready

2013 – 2015 Terres des Hommes – relatively small grant / also partnership. Not sure if already closed or still ongoing.

2013 – 2015 Cordaid (Netherlands) through South Sudan Red Cross as lead partner. From 2015 CCC on new contract directly with CORDAID.

2015 CIDA / CFLI Canada Embassy project just finished but not yet closed


• National Ministry of Gender and Family Affairs
• National Ministry of Youth and Sports ?? • Ministry of Gender and Social Welfare; CES
• Iris Ministries (Yei)
• Harvesters’ Mission orphanages – Yei and Terekeka
• Rafiki House – Kampala
• PUSH (a CBO of South Sudanese youth) in Nairobi
• Seven Primary Schools in Juba, with their Parents-Teachers • Associations
• Kids Tennis South Sudan
• (Child) Protection Cluster at national and CES levels (lead is UNICEF) • GBV and FTR / C subclusters (with partners on the ground; Non-Violent • Peaceforce, IRC, Save etc.)
• Terres des Hommes
• IsraAID (psychosocial training and care)
• ZOA Refugee Care (e.g. supported youth camps etc.)
• OVCI / Usratuna (they also donate milkpowder etc. for over 4 years now)
• MAF – a lot of logistical and voluntary support
• South Sudan Red Cross
• Hotels, Catering businesses; RA International (past), Tulip Inn (current)
• RCS (donate WiFi at CCC), SCOOP
• Radio Miraya, radio Bakhita etc.
• UNMISS – in particular Canada, Japan, Bangla Desh, Dutch batallions
• UNICEF – wide range of partnerships
• ILO – past (child labour awareness)
• Joint Donor Office (past); with ongoing partnerships with Canada, Swedish, US, UK, Japan, French, South African Embassies
• Churches; ECS – local Parish, Watoto church
• Support committees of CCC in Holland and UK, and forming a support group in Canada